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Friday, April 13, 2012

ENDA Lite Hits a (Temporary?) Dead End

While I didn't actually predict that the Obama Administration would issue an Executive Order implementing protection for lesbians, gays and transgendered individuals employed by federal contractors, reading my post from a couple of weeks ago, you might could have drawn that conclusion. See, ENDA "Lite" On the Way?

But apparently, it is not to be, or at least not now, although the story in the Washington Post reporting that the Administration has chosen to not issue such an Order details both the pressure that is going to be forthcoming and the possibility that somewhere down the road, the decision might be different. See Gay rights groups vow more pressure on Obama to sign nondiscrimination order.

Although denied by the Administration, it is hard not to view such an Order in light of the role it could play in "prresidential politics" which is pretty much the only prism that anything having to do with the Administration is, correctly or not, going to be viewed from now until November.  

Hat tip to the folks at Employment Law 360, whose reporting on this issue brought it to my attention, including today's story, Obama Won't Order Ban on Anti-Gay Bias by Contractors. ($)


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