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Monday, March 28, 2011

Arbitration (Awards) Not Necessarily Private in Texas

Thanks to Professor Ross Runkel for calling my attention to a case decided in my own backyard, McAfee, Inc. v. Weiss, (Tx. App. - Dallas 3.16.11), which held that a trial court's refusal to seal an arbitration opinion and award  attached to a motion to confirm the award was not an abuse of discretion.

If you are not aware of the several excellent publications Ross has, you should be. This one was in his Arbitration Law Memo March 2011.

The case turned on an application of Rule 76a of the TRCP which deals with the sealing of records. Since one of the benefits of arbitration is privacy, this is an interesting twist.

The case was only decided a couple of weeks ago, so it is possible that this is not the last word as the full Dallas Court of Appeals might be asked to reconsider, or even the Texas Supreme Court.

Since the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, including the sealing of documents, are promulgated by the Supreme Court and that Court, through its decisions has been a strong proponent for arbitration , it poses an interesting policy issue for them.

It could be addressed through a case like this one, or addressed through the rule making process. However, it is addressed it does seem worthy of serious focused review between two worthy goals, alternative dispute resolution and the open court proceedings.


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