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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Post-Vacation, On the Road Again, Posting

Back when there were only two or three of us bending your ear on employment and labor law related matters, I felt a weird compunction to announce when I was going to be on an extended trip with no posting. Now that employment law related blogs are both numerous and more importantly of extremely high quality, it seems much less important, and in fact somewhat grandiose. (Not to say that it wasn't before, I just feel differently about it now.)

So, all last week I was enjoying Portland and the Oregon coast and the cool weather. The rain, well not as much, but it was better than the heat in Austin.

Today, I am back on the (business) road again and was curious to see Workplace Diva's post, More Business Travelers Have Roommates.

I am not surprised to find that more companies are asking employees to share given the economic times, I am surprised that an increased group seems more willing to put up with it. I think that probably is more a true measure of how really concerned about their jobs individuals are than as Chris so nicely puts it, looking forward to "making conversation with a co-worker who is trimming his nose hair and wearing Simpsons pajamas."

What it also did was remind me that one of the most clicked through posts of this blog dealt with the same subject more than four years ago, Requiring Rooming on the Road - A Caution From Your Lawyer.  

Since my advice has not changed, maybe it would not be a bad idea for anyone considering it to click through again.

And speaking of traveling, congratulations to Prof Rick Bales, who was kind enough to help me with some information for an upcoming speech while he was getting prepared for work/study, and I hope a little time for pleasure, in Malaysia this summer.  See, Bales Receives Special Fulbright Grant to Study and Teach in Malaysia.


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