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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ohio MDV for Disability, Race, FMLA and Retaliation

Covering about as many bases as you can, Charlene Thirion, a former employee of Bedford Heights, Ohio sued the village over her termination saying it was because of her race, disability (anxiety and depression according to the news article), and retaliation when she protested against the disability and race discrimination. And just in case, there was also an FMLA violation.

The net result, a pretty good jury verdict for her, Twinsburg woman wins $1.83M verdict against Bedford Heights.

Update 3.17.10: Peter Krause's story in the Cleveland Plain Dealer gives some more detail about the trial and allegations, including making it clear that this was a case of "reverse discrimination." Thirion, who is white, alleged that the Mayor and a City director, both of whom were black and the white city attorneys discriminated against her. In a slight twist on the cat's paw theory, plaintiff's counsel is quoted:
"We believe the attorneys were doing what the mayor directed them to do," said Thirion attorney Chris Thorman of Thorman & Hardin-Levine in Cleveland.


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