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Thursday, December 31, 2009

OSHA Ends the Year With a Bang and a Black Corvette

It's as good a way to close the decade as any. When Brocon Petroleum failed to pay an agreed judgment that had been entered in a 2008 lawsuit against the firm by the Department of Labor, federal marshall's seized a 1992 black corvette at the home of Richard Kohler, president of the company. The suit had alleged that Brocon had terminated an OSHA whistleblower. See Howell firm ignored judgment; boss's car seized. The full press release from OSHA is here.

According to a report about the lawsuit when it was filed, Scott Shevlin was fired the same day that OSHA investigated an anonymous complaint about safety practices at the work site. Feds allege worker fired for complaint about firm .

Thanks to all who have been readers this year, and this decade for that matter.  It has been an interesting time to be a labor and employment lawyer.

And for 2010 forward? My prediction, if I am still writing this blog 10 years from today, I will be accurate in making the same statement.

Happy New Year.


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