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Monday, March 16, 2009

Might Want to Ask Your Judge for a "Non-Twittering" Instruction

Amazing how technology changes life, including the life of a trial lawyer: Juror’s Twitter use in court may cause mistrial.

An off the cuff instruction:
Jurors are instructed not to blog, twitter, comment on facebook, myspace or any other social media concerning this litigation until 30 days after you are released. If you do not know what blog, twitter, facebook, myspace or social media mean, where have you been?
Probably not what you should submit, although it might be a good voir dire question!

Hat tip to Mike Ferro at Tech-Blorge. Have to love their mission statement:
We serve the global IT community.

Our mission is to provide gutsy, honest and informed coverage and comment on key technology news and issues, without fear or favor.

We want to inform, stimulate and entertain our readers. We want to provide you with a fresh, independentperspective.

Our motto is “technology with attitude”


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