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Sunday, January 04, 2009

A "Bully" Professor Goes Online

Those who have read my prior posts or heard one of my presentations on the topic of bullying, will be familiar with the name, David Yamada. He is the law professor who drafted the uniform anti-bullying legislation that has been introduced in several different state legislatures.

Professor Yamada, is now on line with his own blog, Minding the Workplace, and in his New Year's Day post, Immersion in the Twisted World of Abuse at Work provides some background on how he became interested in the subject.

Clearly Professor Yamada is adding an interesting voice to the little niche of the blogosphere dealing with labor and employment law. If you are an HR practitioner you should check out his post HR Was Useless. It's an interesting perspective that may hit a little too close to home for some.

Welcome Professor Yamada.


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