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Friday, November 14, 2008

One Hat Out of the Ring for Secretary of Labor

At least that is the report from, a California political blog that styles itself as "Inside Politics for Political Insiders." The headline refers to Rep. George Miller, the Democratic chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee. Miller says no thanks to idea of becoming Obama's Secretary of Labor. Miller has represented the East Bay area since 1975.

There seem to be a lot more leaks from the Obama transition team than there were from the campaign, which may be a reflection that it is a much larger number of people or that it includes many who are not "schooled" in Obama's preference for no drama. Or, and this may be my hope more than anything, it may be that the transition team is not leaking and what you are hearing is more from the pundit class, both professional and amateur, and those who are advocating for particular candidates or for themselves.


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