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Monday, October 06, 2008

It's Too Early, But Always Fun - Who Will be the Next Secretary of Labor?

The Congressional Quarterly gets a jump with Saturday's review of candidates for all the Cabinet posts in both a McCain and Obama Administration, including Labor Secretary. Although it's way too early to be making any predictions, to the extent they are accurate it does provide some helpful information in how each candidate might view the position. Although it may be intelligent speculation, I would be very much surprised if it was based on any "inside" information. My guess is that the campaigns have plenty on their plate without spending any time on filling "cabinets" that may never come to pass.

CQ's picks for McCain are two trade association representatives and a pol: Randel Johnson from the U.S. Chamber; former Governor of Michigan and now President of the National Association of Manufacturers, John Engler; and former Missouri Senator and Congressman, Jim Talent.

The three picks for Obama, are two pols and a leader from organized labor: Dick Gephardt, former House Majority Leader; Jennifer Granholm, the current Michigan Governor; and Linda Chavez-Thompson, before her retirement the number two person at the AFL-CIO.

If anyone has any links to other mentioned candidates for this or other labor and employment related slots in the next administration, or your own picks, please be sure and pass them on.


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