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Friday, October 17, 2008

EFCA On the Fastest Track?

Well obviously, the first pre-requisite is an Obama win, but according to Mickey Kaus at Slate, inside sources are predicting fast action on organized labor's top priority. According to Kaus:

Dems are getting set to pass "card check" legislation fast next year, right out of the box, assuming Obama wins and the Democrats get their expected big Senate majority.
The EFCA passed the House this Congressional term but did not make it to the Senate floor because of a near party-line cloture vote.

One exception to the party line vote that does not bode well for the bill's opponents was Arlen Spector (R. Pa) who will be back, along with a crop of newly elected Democratic senators. The big question is how many of the latter. If none of the Democrats strayed and the two independents, including Lieberman voted the same as they did this year, eight would be the magic number needed.

If there are not enough votes for cloture without a compromise, one possibility is dropping the card check proposal and substituting quicky elections, while leaving the interest arbitration provision for first contracts. Since most of those arguing against the EFCA have focused on the most easily explained objection, doing away with the secret ballot, that compromise could easily move an otherwise stuck bill and still give organized labor an enormous boost. In fact, many think it is the interest arbitration provision which is the most dangerous part of the act.

Hat tip to Greg Kittinger at Laboring Away at the Institute for catching the Kaus article.

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You might as well just start preparing for this now. We can blame it on potential President Obama, but it will be Bush's fault.
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