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Friday, July 04, 2008

A Declaration of Independence but the World Grows Smaller

I think Daniel Schwartz at The Connecticut Employment Law Blog has the right approach in his post, Happy July 4th.

But even though this is not one of those holidays that has any particular employment law tie or angle, I couldn't help think about the full circle type connection between the independence from European influences that we celebrate today and the announcement earlier this week of The First Global Union, as reported by Jeffrey Hirsch at Workplace Prof Blog.

Workers Uniting, a combination of the UK union Unite and the United Steelworkers, not only has a name, but a website. There is no question that the world is more connected and things that we have long thought of as being "local" have global aspects. So it should be no surprise that is true for the labor and employment law world as well.

Although it may not be a surprise, that does not mean it may not be revolutionary.


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