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Sunday, June 08, 2008

This Can't Be Good for the Workplace

This lead from a CNN story, Why some folks get a loan workout and others don't caught my attention:
More than 3,000 times daily, struggling homeowners call the foreclosure Help Hotline for advice on how to save their homes.
There is no question that pressures at home often carry over into work. Summer with its distractions and hot weather can often make for a less than optimum work environment, if these headlines keep up, you can bank on it this year.

Hi ,

I like the topic you have posted .
And in fact its a Bad - Truth of our lives .
I would like to suggest that if every working people should keep this thing , that is " they keep the home & office work." both are separate then its good for them & also to Employer .
With best wishes ,
Lorra .
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