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Sunday, February 24, 2008

A New Use of the Internet -- "My EEOC Charge"

Behind this website is a dispute between an employee and a Salvation Army facility in Alaska.

Here's the intention according to the first page of the website:

This website is being used to present evidence in an EEOC complaint.

The complaint was filed in December 2007, and should be resolved by September 2008.

The complaint does not seek any money.

Here's a link to the page describing the EEOC charge itself.

I doubt that this will become the norm, but who knows. If nothing else it is a reminder that there are new dimensions in which it is possible to have employee/employer disputes aired. Particularly where as here, the employee is obviously interested in sharing a lot more than just her personal dispute.

A hat tip to Will Schendel of the Alaska Employment Law blog for Innovative Alaskan EEOC Claimant.

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