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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Interesting Thought About Electronic Discovery and Arbitration

Stephen Rosenberg, who has a tremendous site, Boston Insurance and ERISA Litigation Blog, has an interesting post on the relationship between the developing law of electronic discovery and how it might actually make arbitration a better forum. Electronic Discovery and the Calculus of Arbitration. It's an interesting argument.

More notable because as a general rule, Rosenberg thinks that arbitration is not as cost effective as it could be and may not be worth the bother, particularly for complex cases. His thesis: if the federal courts don't reign in the cost and expense of e-discovery, getting arbitrators to carve out more narrow (less costly) rules might make it more appealing.

There's no question e-discovery is the "in-thing" now. One aspect that may not be getting enough attention is its scalability — should the same rules apply in a $100 million suit and a $10 million one and a $150,000 one?

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