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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Employers and Domestic Violence

Two years ago, commenting on an article in a British publication, I suggested that domestic violence and its carryover into the workplace was something employers should have on their radar screen if they didn't already.

I can't say that I have seen a groundswell of attention since then, but this article, Employers'play a role in preventing domestic violence, in the Birmingham Business Journal certainly does nothing to make me think the issue is going to go away.

If for no other reason, the $725 million per year in lost productivity cited in the article from a CDC study might get someone's attention. Probably not as much attention, at least right now as the $146 million spent on first and business class airline tickets by U.S. government officials, see CBS's story Flying High -- On Your Dime, but ultimately it may be a lot bigger story.

domestic voilence issue is over hyped , and exaggerated . i believe a normal human being wont get get voilent only except in personal defence. and most of us are normal
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