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Saturday, May 12, 2007

4 Years and Still Posting - Canada's First Employment Law Blog

Actually I have never seen Michael Fitzgibbon who writes Thoughts from a Management Lawyer make that claim, so I am doing it for him. But clearly if not the first, one of the first and definitely in whatever top tier of law blogging there is, regardless of location.

I can also identify with his sentiments about what I would call the occupational hazard of combining a law practice and writing a blog:

My posting has been sporadic of late due in part, to a very busy schedule. But, after 4 years, I find myself in need of a little coast. Anyway, thanks to all those who stop by here and I, sincerely, hope you find this blog of some value.

If you haven't checked him out in the first four years, don't miss out on the next four.

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