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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Those Good Blogs Just Keep Coming - Working Immigrants

I am so behind on even knowing about, much less recognizing, a lot of the wonderful blogs that are being written in employment related fields. In a year where immigration is the one of the most important issues, how I could have missed Working Immigrants by Peter Rousmaniere is beyond me, (not to mention embarrassing).

And if it hadn't been for the good folks at Workers' Comp Insider, I still wouldn't know about it. In any event, I couldn't agree more with Peter's premise —
Most developed nations owe enormous debts of gratitude to yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s immigrants. Their physical and mental labors are often taken for granted, undervalued, excluded from collective memory.
To get a sense for what Peter has been up to his first year, check out his Tidbits from the first year of this blog.

Thanks much for the nice comment on the next year should be interesting - for immigration reform. -- Peter Rousmaniere
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