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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Tremendous Loss - Confined Space Closes Shop

I have never met or even corresponded with Jordan Barab, but I have long been impressed by not only his insightful and informative posting, but more importantly his fervid belief in the cause of safety for workers. You need only read a single posting to get that message loud and clear.

Today is his last day of posting. You can see Moving On: Closing Up Shop for the details and an invitation to an on line farewell which starts in just about 2 hours. From the 62 comments that have already been left, there will be plenty of company there.

Although the blog will be gone, Jordan won’t be gone entirely. In his words:
Starting next week, I’ll be heading to the House of Representatives Committee on Education and Labor, working on OSHA-related legislation, oversight hearings, investigations, etc. In other words, instead of just writing about what Congress and this administration needs to be doing to protect workers, I’ll hopefully be able to directly affect some of those things.
Although many might think given the title of this blog that I would have different views from Jordan, and we certainly might differ on methods of how to get there, I don’t think there is anyone who works in the field of employment law and labor who doesn’t earnestly want the safest of workplaces for all employees. And certainly all who do can appreciate and admire the passion which Jordan Barab has — and I am sure will — bring to that task every day. I know I do. Not just a hat tip, but my hat’s off to Confined Space and Jordon Barab who will leave a definite hole in one corner of the blogosphere.


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