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Monday, December 04, 2006

A Longing for the Cold War? HR Spies?

Maybe it's a temporary thing, but between the new James Bond movie and a Russian spy being killed by radiation poisoning, I thought I was having a cold war flashback when I saw the headline — HR spies inflitrate companies in search of employees.

The Boston Business Journal story detailed how such operatives were working:
The Indian newspaper The Hindu reported that employees were being planted as spies in rival firms for as little as a week. Perpetrators of this inside job were charged with accessing the company's employee databases and downloading names and contact information. After accomplishing this covert operation, the newspaper said, the spies returned to their original employers and collected a handsome reward. The data would later be sifted to identify potential job candidates that might be convinced to jump ship and join the ranks of the competition.
I never cease to marvel at the new challenges that serve to keep the world of human resources interesting.


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