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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Border Problem of Different Sorts for Employers

An article with the phrase "employers have a new worry" naturally catches my eye,which is why I picked up the the TP! wire service link to today's NYT story, At U.S. Borders, Laptops Have No Right to Privacy.

The concern - all that confidential information contained on your employees' laptop as they cross borders may well be subject to search and review based merely on the desire of immigration officials -- no reasonable cause for a search required.

At least one group, Association of Corporate Travel Executives, is taking it up with the government to at least get some understanding of what the policies are. How big an issue, well purely anecdotal, but:

One member who responded to our survey said she has been waiting for a year to get her laptop and its contents back,” said Susan Gurley, the group’s executive director. “She said it was randomly seized. And since she hasn’t been arrested, I assume she was just a regular business traveler, not a criminal."


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