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Friday, August 04, 2006

Employment Law On the Edge

If you are looking for CLE from your desktop, check out a live web broadcast sponsored by the State Bar of Texas next Wednesday, August 9th. Kathy Butler of Butler & Harris in Houston, a truly great employee's lawyer, and I will be discussing a number of different issues (as well as making our web broadcast debuts).

Here's a brief description of Employment Law On the Edge from the Bar's website:

As society changes, employment law is forced to adapt. From piercings to gender changes, religious beliefs versus diversity programs, to new forms of communications, employment law is at the forefront of social change. Employment lawyers now operate in a new workplace, where employees may well be or want to be:

  • Pierced and tattooed
  • Changing genders
  • Living an alternative life style, or opposing them
  • Writing about what's going on at work
  • Challenging longstanding beliefs and practices

For details on registration go here.

I would say hope to see you there, but given the mode of presentation that won't work, it's a one way street -- you can see us, we won't be able to see you. We will be taking questions by email so please join in.

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