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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Defamation MDV on the College Campus

A trial over the dispute between two professors ended this way, Jury grants ex-professor $3.5M in HU lawsuit. One professor had passed out flyers at a Hampton University graduation saying the other demonstrated "moral defectiveness," and could "not serve as a role model for young people to emulate." The flier also described the plaintiff as a "stain on our bright, beautiful Hampton University."

The professor's breach of contract over her termination and one other defamation claim was unsuccessful.

Of course this is just the first stop, although no doubt quite a painful one for the University. One issue -- whether the university is responsible for the now deceased flyer-distributing academic. According to the University's counsel, "We have to argue this, even if it means we set new case law," she said. "We have to appeal this not only for Hampton University, but for every other employer in the state of Virginia."

A noble sentiment, assuming they prevail.


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