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Monday, July 17, 2006

Four Years .....

Is one U.S. presidential term, the length of time traditionally spent in acquiring an undergraduate degree and how long I have been offering my thoughts on developments in employment law at this particular spot.

On July 17, 2002, inspired by Denise Howell and Ernie Swenson, who were pioneers and remain guiding lights in the world of legal blogs, I wrote my first post.

As far as I know I was the first to write with a focus on employment law, but quickly there were others who not only started (the easy part), but continue day in and day out occupying the same "space" (to use a term that has thankfully been heard a lot less since the tech bust.) Among those colleagues are Ross Runkel, who actually has a group of blogs on different facets of employment law, George Lenard, Michael Fitzgibbon, Diane Pfadenhauer and more recently, but closer geographically, Chris McKinney. And then there are those who write in related fields, Janell Grenier in benefits, the folks at Lynch Ryan on workers compensation and Jordan Barab on safety. And of course there are those who are newer, but no longer new, the academic duo at Workplace Prof Blog, Suits in the Workplace, and those who write from the standpoint of organized labor (as does Jordan Barab) at The House of Labor, or from the employees' perspective, Paul Mollica and Paula Brantner who writes Today's Workplace, and others that I am sure I am overlooking.

I hope collectively, and certainly for my part, that we are contributing useful information. Thanks for coming around to check it out.

Errata: Thanks to Paula Brantner for correcting my error on the author of the blog at Workplace Fairness. As Paula noted I also got the name of the blog wrong as it is actually called Today's Workplace and is on the website of the organization Workplace Fairness. Instead of "the folks at NELI" which was contained in the original post, I meant to type NELA, for National Employment Lawyer Association, although that too would have been wrong. In the past the two organizations were joined, but now, though pursuing the same goals, operate separately according to a joint statement at the NELA website. My apologies.

"the folks at NELI who write Workplace Fairness,"

I'm not sure who this is. I'm Paula Brantner, and I write Today's Workplace, the Workplace Fairness blog, as it says in our heading.
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