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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pink Ladies Cabs - A UK Idea That Won't Translate

Although it makes imminent sense in some respects, the idea of a ladies only car service, detailed in Springwise: new business ideas for entrepreneurial minds, does not seem like it would work in the U.S. for legal reasons. The basis for the idea - "In London alone, 10 women are attacked each month after getting into an unlicensed mini-cab. No wonder that many women feel safer taking a taxi driven by a woman."

That idea translates into pink Renault taxi's driven by women for women passengers. For details (in pink of course) check out Pink Ladies. It's a members only service, but still hard for me to see how that works here, just from the employment end. If it's hard for you to see why -- substitute "white" for "women" in the first sentence or think Southwest Airlines and how successful it was with its initial "female only" flight attendants policy.

I have used Pink Ladies in London and the service is great. The driver was very nice and the cars are fantastic. I would recommend them to any woman who travels in london.
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