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Monday, February 20, 2006

Cowtown Jury Gives a Million in Sexual Harassment Case

Or more correctly a sexual harassment retaliation case as a former pressman at the Fort Worth Star Telegram gets a jury verdict of $156,000 in back pay, $13,300 in benefits, and $948,000 in compensatory and exemplary damages. The motivating factor in his termination -- his complaint that he was being sexually harassed by his manager. That complaint, according to Glenn Westfall, led to several months mistreatment before his termination in September 2002.
Not many details in the story in the Fort Worth Star Telegram, serving the unhappy duel role as both the unlucky employer and the reporter of the story, Jury awards $1.1 million to former S-T employee. Clearly something upset the jury, but it's not clear what it was from the story.

The verdict was on January 30th, but didn't make the papers until this weekend; maybe million dollar verdicts are not that big a deal anymore, or perhaps it just reflects the benefit of owning the press.


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