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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Those New Wage and Hour Regulations - Ho Hum

Good to know I am not the only one who felt that when all was said and done, the fuss over the new white collar regulations was really much ado about nothing. At least that's the story (or non-story) behind the press release from the folks at BLR, New Overtime Regulations Brouhaha - What Was the Fuss All About?. Although in most partisan fights there are equal doses of overheated rhetoric, in this case the opponents of the amended regs were far and away the worst offenders.

In fairness, the first version of the regulations put out for comment would have been far more significant, but the protests resulted in a rolling back of almost all the controversial provisions, leaving a milquetoast version of what had once been proposed. The continued protests, particularly at the decibel level they were made, was at best purely partisan sniping, at worst a failure to understand what they were talking about. Or maybe that should be at best a failure to understand, at worse attempting to make an issue where none existed.

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