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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

What A Can of Worms - Kerry v. Bush in the Workplace -Part III

Thanks to Julie Ferguson, a behind the scenes blogger at the Workers Comp Insider who was kind enough to pass on both kind words about this blog and the link to the following story, Moulton woman says she lost job for sporting Kerry sticker on car. This one is not a lawsuit yet and may never be, not exactly sure what the cause of action would be, and as I have mentioned frequently, I am fairly sure that there is a very different version of what happened that would come from the employer.

But it does make us (or at least me) think that one of the most dispiriting things about this political season, and it seems all politics now, is how little room for civil disagreement there seems to be. That shrill rhetoric is a viable campaign tool seems to be the one thing that both parties do agree on. I can't help but believe, that regardless of whether the candidate we favor or not prevails, that is ultimately a loss for us as a whole.

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