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Monday, May 31, 2004

Call It Employee Relations, Call It Union Avoidance - Discover and Do What Employees' Really Want

A Boston Business Journal story is a good Memorial Day reminder of what is important to employees. And you get the flavor of what's in store with the leading hint, "Even in business, money can't buy your employees' love ..."

The top 10:

1. Bend (flexibility)
2. Tell them everything (good communication)
3. Audience for the people (listen to employees, not just talk to them)
4. Tailor your offerings (workforce is not all the same)
5. Rewards and recognitions (almost impossible to overdo)
6. Be open (and creative)
7. Expect more (set high standards)
8. Keep your word (what a concept)
9. Learn. Train (make employees better)
10. Don't Go Overboard (the basics, if done, are often enough)

Another point to ponder, since most of these steps don't require greater resources, just better people skills, these are things every manager/supervisor can do, without permission or action from higher management.

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