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Friday, April 16, 2004

Minnesota Wants To Be 2nd State To Negate New White Collar Regulations

Or at least one chamber of their legislature does, as the Minnesota Senate has passed a bill similar to that signed into law in Illinois which would override the new overtime provisions of the forthcoming revisions to the white collar exemptions. The Pioneer Press website has the story, State Senate bill overrides overtime. Fortunately, for those seeking a modernization of the rules, the bill faces a much rockier road in the House.

A most interesting point is that the legislation is being passed even before the final rules have been published. But you know in an election year, the idea of deliberate and careful policy, such as knowing what it is you are acting on, rather than just press reports of what might happen, often loses out to populist rhetoric and chest thumping. Maybe I could just eliminate the first clause of that sentence.

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