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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

FY 2003 at the EEOC - A Statistical Look

Check out the EEOC's press release detailing charges and enforcement actions for the government fiscal year that ended 9/30/03. Here is the summary of charges filed, with the percentage being of the total number of charges filed:

RACE 28,526 35.1%
SEX/GENDER 24,362 30%
RETALIATION 22,690 27.9%
AGE 19,124 23.5%
DISABILITY 15,377 18.9%
RELIGION 2,532 3.1%
EQUAL PAY 1,167 1.4%
Of interest, retaliation is approaching the percentage of the largest substantive discrimination claims and the relatively small portion of charges based on religion, notwithstanding increased attention to that issue in the last few years.


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