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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Picking A Jury in the Age of Tort Reform

Although not an employment case, this Houston Chronicle story on the large number of potential jurors who were disqualified because of their negative views of lawsuits (and often lawyers) points up a growing reality. Although it can make jury selection more difficult, it is ultimately good to have truly deeply held views aired. One of my pet peeves however is those jurors, who air views not so much because they are deeply held, but because they sense (often correctly) that the adamant statement of them is likely to lead to their not being selected. Often it seems it is those jurors who most often would add (from an employer's perspective) balance to a jury. Or that's at least how it feels when one watches all the management types, head out the back of the courtroom before the jury is selected. Thanks to the Illinois Trial Practice Weblog for the pointer to the story. Obviously doing a better job of reading Texas papers than I was.

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