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Monday, September 06, 2004

Kerry v. Bush - In the Workplace

Or maybe you are in Illinois and its Barack v. Keyes that is provoking the most heated discussion, but regardless of your location, its a good idea to think about the impact of politics in the workplace as the next 50+ days are bound to be full of them. The Kansas City Business Journal article has a couple of good pointers, first a Missouri law that threatens a "one-year prison sentence for Missouri employers who try to 'prevent an employee from engaging in political activities." And an enlightened comment from the ACLU which makes a valid distinction that is lost on a lot of the general public and based on personal experience testifying before the a committee of the Texas legislature, certain legislators:
The Bill of Rights has a pretty narrow focus -- it limits the power of government, and it has no application whatsoever to private settings.
But look for other ways that politics might cause trouble in the work place.

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